Fire Elements & Pools

Who ever said that fire and water do not mix?  Some of the most beautiful effects have been created by using both fire and water elements around a swimming pool to add a classy and elegant look.

High end pool builders have long understood that the addition of a stunning fire feature, whether in the form of a designer fire pit or a fire bowl accessory, enhances the time spent around the swimming pool, especially once the sun goes down. From the addition of a fire bowl or a water bowl, or both you can heighten the aesthetic appeal and the overall beauty of your swimming pool.

Imagine spending time around the pool once the sun goes down and seeing, hearing and feeling the warmth of the flames from your fire bowl accessory while you listen to the sound of water gently spilling from a water feature. Either of these features can be situated on a pillar that your swimming pool contractor can build for you or they can be placed at the corners of your outdoor seating area.

If you’re looking to make more of a statement with a fire accessory, consider the addition of a rectangular fire pit over which you could cook a meal, or simply settle in and relax with friends while you listen to the snapping and popping of the wood in the fire pit. The material to construct your fire pit can mirror your pool deck and design or can be a complementary color or design to set it apart and make a more dramatic statement.

Blue Crystal Pools works with the professionals from Bobe when they recommend a fire or water feature because of the high quality products they produce. When you’re making improvements and undertaking renovations to your swimming pool and are adding in statement accessories, you want to go with high quality, high-end products that will only serve to enhance your outdoor living experience.

The accessories you add don’t have to stop at fire and water, you can add a planter water bowl accessory or Tiki torches, or even old-time era quartz pathway lamps to light the pathways to and from the pool.

Consider how you use your outdoor living space, the environment you want to create and then talk with your Blue Crystal Pools representative about incorporating those ideas into your outdoor living space through the addition of water and fire features.

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