Why Fiberglass Swimming Pools?

  1. Your swimming pool is manufactured to strict specifications in a state of the art facility and shipped to your home, ready for installation. You can have it installed more quickly than a gunite or liner pool.
  2. Smooth Finish – Fiberglass swimming pools have a beautifully smooth gel coat finish that is not rough on the skin and easy to brush against. Since there are no rough edges, they are preferable to gunite pools.
  3. Less Maintenance.
  4. Low Chemical Usage – Fiberglass pools require fewer chemicals and cleaning agents due to their designs.  With fiberglass, the surface is chemically inert, so there is nothing on the pool surface that can affect the water chemistry. Therefore, these pools have lower chemical usage = considerable cost savings for you.
  5. Surprising Strength – Our fiberglass pools exceed the American Standards for shell thickness and structure. Their high tensile strength will allow the pool shell to flex without cracking to accommodate for minor movement of the ground.
  6. Great Designs – BCP takes great pride in offering pools that are at the cutting edge of fiberglass pool technology. The pools we provide exceed in design and materials so that you can take advantage of our flexible options.
  7. Color Range – Imagine Pools offers a range of seven majestic colors, each with its own finish, enabling you to find the perfect color to suit your backyard, personality, and budget.
  8. Compatibility – Salt chlorinators, chlorine, freshwater systems, and ozone systems all work wonderfully well with fiberglass swimming pools. Whatever your choices, they will be compatible.
  9. Warranty – Our warranty is a lifetime on the fiberglass pool shell.

Fiberglass Pool Designs

We will beat any apples to apples hard written vendor price quote based upon “equal quality products and service.
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