A pool is what literally transforms an outdoor living space into a “staycation” paradise and entertainment haven.

  • Pools not only encourage family time, but it is an excellent way to exercise, stay healthy and maybe even shed a few pounds.
  • It is an excellent investment, adding value to your property and offering years of enjoyment for the entire family. There are shapes, sizes and colors to meet everyone’s needs.
  • Check out our Imagine Fiberglass website below and remember with BCP your backyard paradise is only limited by your “Imagination”.
  • Many colors to choose and shapes to choose
  • Never have to replace a liner or replaster!
  • Much quicker to install than vinyl or concrete – This means you will be enjoying your pool sooner.
  • Lower maintenance and repairs – Less time cleaning and more time swimming.
  • Aesthetics – The aesthetics of these fiberglass pool greatly improves the appearance of your entire backyard and Outdoor Living area. Add an outdoor kitchen, fire pit and patio furniture to create that “Wow” factor!
  • Resale value – Resale value on fiberglass pools are typically more than concrete or vinyl. New owner perceives them as less to maintain. This gives you the most return on your investment should you move.
  • Long term cost – Even though fiberglass pools may be cost more initially, it is less over the life due to less chemicals and less maintenance.
  • Options – Attached spas, water Features, cantilever forms, ceramic tile, are just a few of the many options available.

Fiberglass Pool Designs

Gunite Pools

Blue Crystal Pools stepping outside into your own piece of paradise, entertaining friends, family and making years of lasting memories without ever having to leave your home. Blue Crystal Pools is the company to make your backyard dream a reality.

As a child, you would dream of running, playing and splashing. These are the memories that you will look back on with the greatest of fondness.

As an adult, you might imagine a quiet oasis where the sun sparkles against the soft, rippling waves, and serene sounds of cascading water lull you into a world of tranquility and stillness. You will forge your own Eden – a world of bliss and contentment – a place for you to relax and unwind from the day.

Being able to step into your very own backyard paradise, with an Blue Crystal Pools the possibilities are endless.

Fiberglass Pool Designs

Vinyl Liner Pools

With proper maintenance and care, a vinyl pool liner typically lasts eight to 12 years if it was correctly measured and installed. Many pool liners don’t show any signs of wear for much of this time. Over time however, the weather and pool chemicals may cause the liner to deteriorate. Once the integrity of the vinyl is compromised it is less aesthetically pleasing and more likely to crack, fade and create leaks.

With over 30 yrs. experience replacing and installing new liners, BCP are your liner Professionals. We offer many 27ml patterns at 20ml pricing.  Ask about our new Tex-Tread non slip feature to go over steps, benches, and swim outs.

Liners: https://lathampool.com/products/inground-pool-liners/ Our liner selection includes beautifully patterned, strong and durable liners. Latham’s exclusive Ultra-Seam process makes floor seams stronger and virtually invisible.  Introducing the Latham Pearlscape™ Collection. The newest addition to our extensive line of designer vinyl liner patterns, this collection has iridescent inks that create a luminous shimmer and sparkle in a pool. The liners are made from the best vinyl material available and are treated to resist algae/bacteria growth and protect against UV rays for long life. These new designer patterns are expected to be a rising trend in the year ahead.

Consumer Liner/Safety Cover Rebate. There are many reasons to purchase a new liner and a safety cover at the same time. Our $200 Liner/Safety Cover Rebate is one of them! Call us today to learn more about this great opportunity to save while improving the look and safety of your pool. Changing the liner makes the entire backyard look better! This is also a good time to add an energy efficient vs pump, LED lighting or water features, that you might have been thinking about. Don’t wait till the last minute, the sooner you call the sooner you will be swimming in your beautiful new looking pool.

Latham Ultra-Seam® vs Standard Pool Liners

With standard vinyl pool liners, the seams located on the pool floor are visible. Latham Pool Products exclusive Ultra-Seam® process makes our liner floor seams stronger and virtually invisible.

No more visible lines on the floor of your pool detracting from the beauty of the swimming pool!

Vinyl Liner Pool Designs

Oxford / Electric Aquarius

Seaside / Glacier

Bali / Blue Granite

Cambridge / Royal Prism

Capri / Fresco II

Chesapeake / Gemstone

Cobalt Lake / Grey Mosaic

Courtstone Blue / Natural Blue

Courtstone / Natural Grey

Coventry / Prism

Lancashire / Bluestone

Legends / Deep Blue Fusion

Midnight Barolo / Natural Grey

Ocean Barolo / Natural Blue

Stonebraid / Royal Prism

Summerwave / Deep Blue Fusion

Vintage Mosaic / Blue Mosaic

Marble Inlay / Crystal

Moonstruck / Creekstone

Panama / Royal Prism

Tan Sierra / Gold Pebble

Barolo / Prism

Dynastie / Blue Granite

Indigo Marble / Blue Granite

ICancun / Blue Granite

Hampton / Seaglass

Mountain Top / Blue Mosaic

Pacific Tide / Prism

Princeton / Gemstone

Santa Cruz / Sandstone

Williamsport / Bluestone

Dolphin / Seabrook

Our One Stop Shopping will beat any apples to apples written vendor price quote based upon equal quality products and service.
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Why Fiberglass Swimming Pools?

  1. Speed of InstallationYour fiberglass swimming pool comes direct from the Imagine Pools manufacturing facility, pre-made and ready to install. In fact, you can be swimming in as little as 4 days after council approval. Compare that to a concrete pool that can take months to complete and during that time your backyard looks a mess!
  2. Smooth FinishImagine Pools fiberglass swimming pools have a smooth clean gelcoat finish that is non-abrasive. There are no sharp edges or rough finishes. Compare that to some pebble pools that are so abrasive they can harm your skin.
  3. Maintenance FreeThe gelcoat finish on an Imagine Pool not only looks great, its so easy to look after. The surface is smooth and non-porous so it cleans easily and is very stain resistant.
  4. Low Chemical UsageNo one likes swimming in a chemical cocktail but some pools require constant monitoring and expensive chemicals. Not so with Imagine Pools fiberglass, the surface is chemically inert so there is nothing in the pool  surface that can alter the water chemistry. Hence, very low chemical usage and considerable cost savings on running your pool.
  5. Surprising StrengthImagine Pools fiberglass pools exceed the Australian Standards for shell thickness. The high tensile strength of fiberglass will allow the pool shell to flex without cracking to accommodate earth movement. No wonder  airplane manufacturers are using fiberglass to build planes!
  6. Great DesignsImagine Pools prides itself on being at the cutting edge of pool design technology. All of our swimming pool shapes are new designs and reflect today’s thinking and architectural trends. There will be a Imagine Pools design to ideally suit your home.
  7. Color RangeImagine Pools offers an exclusive range of seven beautiful colors, each with its own sparkle and shimmer finish, ensuring you will be able to find the perfect color to suit your home, taste and budget.
  8. The Right ChoiceSometimes what we see in our minds doesn’t always translate to the pool builder. With Imagine Pools fiberglass swimming pools, what you see is what you get. The swimming pool shapes and sizes come off molds and cannot vary in anyway.
  9. CompatibilitySalt chlorinators, chlorine, fresh water systems, ozone systems all work wonderfully well with Imagine Pools fiberglass swimming pools. Whatever your choice may be it will be compatible.
  10. WarrantyIf you are getting other quotes, ask if a lifetime warranty is being provided on the structure of the swimming pool. At best with a concrete swimming pool you will get a 7 year warranty – do you hope to have your pool longer than 7 years?


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